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Hydraulic powered upper pulley

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It is a must have accessory for any professional logger, who will cherish it most in extreme working conditions with trying ground, mud, moist or ice, on steep slopes etc. Even a hobby forester will find it indispensable in severe circumstances.

Just push the button instead of hanging on the rope end with your full body weight

Why give yourself hard time when pulling off the rope to surmount the drum persistence if the hydromotor can do the hard job for you. By pushing the break release button, the hydromotor starts to turn both powered wheels in the pulley block, which embrace the wire rope and pull it off the drum with ease instead of the winch operator.

Excellent hold of the wire rope

– reliable function independent of outside influences On one hand, well maintained wire rope is lubricated, on the other hand, dirt (mud, water, ice etc.) stick to it during operation. This makes the value of the torsion coefficient between the rope and the two wheels in the pulley lower. To pull off the rope with great efficiency, we need a good power transmission from the two wheels to the wire rope, without sliding. The solution is the additional drive of the upper wheel that pushes down onto the rope with the force of the spring. So both wheels firmly embrace the wire rope and pull it off with great ease and reliability even under hard working conditions.

Safety comes first

At Tajfun, we always attend to reliability and work safety. For this reason an additional block with the sequence and safety valves and pressure accumulator are built in the winch to make the break function independent of the powered pulley and to ensure the highest safety grade in case of any unforeseen work interruption.

Regular coiling of the rope during pulling off and pulling in

The pressure in the oil tank of the additional block is used to allow the rope to evenly string up between the drum and the powered pulley, in spite of the fact that, due to its persistence, the drum still does a bit of a turn after the breaking. The break power of the wheels is set by the safety valve to the value that enables the rope to smoothly and evenly coil onto the drum, without any knots or loops.

Minimum maintenance

Ball bearings in the powered pulley do not need any maintenance for they are closed. The two cogwheels need lubrication with lithium grease.