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Bober Caliper

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For innovative and effective measuring of wood

Specially designed for:

Log scalling

Timber cruising
Made from high quality materials to meet all standards for professional every day usage in harsh forest environments.

Electronics and software inside make caliper capable to communicate wireless and work with any mobile device including smartphones.

Caliper has unique design, easy to handle and measure, even in very close spaces, when cruising or measuring logs in a bunch.

To meet ideal working performances when using Bober Caliper we develop dedicated application program fro log scaling and timber cruising running on Windows and Android operating systems. For more details please see Bober Mobile.
Measuring range 800 mm
Size digital caliper 1013mmX585mmX39mm
Lightweight 1250g
The accuracy of measurements (mechanical) ±0,5mm
The accuracy of measurements (digital) ±1mm
Connection Bluetooth
Temperature range -40°F…..+140°F (-40°C…..+60°C)

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Technical details:

- IP67 (NEMA 4 standard)
- weight less than 1250 g
- Bluetooth wireless connection
- physical scale and digital measurement from Bober Mobile
- foldable jaws
- lasers for measurement from distance
- low power consumption, powered by two AAA batteries

Case for digital caliper:

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Datapan Bober Mobile Software
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The program Datapan Bober Mobile is designed on different devices (computers, laptops, mobile phones, iPad) and enables measurements timbers and further processing documents (editing, printing, storage,...). Application software for log scaling suitable for small companies, saw mills, wood dealers, buyers, forest owners all those who used the forestry digital caliper.

The program Datapan Bober Mobile works on different operating systems (Linux, Android, Mac, and Windows). In connection to others devices (printer, forestry digital caliper...) used Bluetooth technology. This program has a function for GPS tracking measurements timbers. Software is easy to use without a need for a knowledge in computers.

It's intuitive graphic user interface will satisfy every single operator in forest or in the yard.
Main functionalists:

direct wireless communication with Bober Caliper
acquiring of all measured and calculated data in digital form, without a need of later work
calculation of log volume following different standards - rules
automatic or manual bark deduction during measurement
insertion of a list of wood species and wood qualities in a database
insertion of a list of measures in a database
fast preview of measured assortments with a possibility of direct changing of previously inserted parameters
direct on a field preparing of a documents for transportation, delivery or other documents
printing of a documents on a field using mobile printers
synchronizing and transferring of a data from mobile device to personal computer running Bober Desktop
For this program you can edit measurements at various assortment of wood: logs, standing trees and lumbers.

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Bober desktop
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Transfer all collected data from Bober Mobile to Bober Desktop and start to manage your data in your office.

Bober Desktop will help you get deeper view in collected data.
Some of the mayor functionalities:

- data synchronization with mobile software
- filtering data using different prepared filters (volume per species, quality...)
- insertion and management of buyer's database
- easy and fast preparing and printing of documents
- archiving data
- possibility to export data to other format for integration with third part software