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RCA 320-2

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RCA 320-2 enables cutting of logs of diameter up to 32 cm and splitting of sawn logs of length from 25 to 50 cm.

With the help of optional log loader DM1501, the logs are loaded to the infeed conveyor and forwarded to the length limiter to be cut.

The cut log falls into one of both splitting chutes where it is pushed against the 2 or 4 way splitting wedge (6 way splitting wedge optional) by the splitting cylinder with 100 kN force.

The splitting wedges are easy to adjust in order to suit the size of the cut log.

The firewood is discharged through the 4 m conveyor. 


Tachnical data RCA 320-2
Length of Cut Log 25-50 cm
Max. Diameter of Log 10-32 cm
Sawbar Oregon 161
Chain 3/8” Oregon MULTICUT
Splitting Force 2x100 kN
Width x Height x Length 238 X 160 X 128 cm
Weight with Discharge Conveyour 900 kg+130 kg
Necessary Tractor Capacity 30 kW (60 kW-Trasport position)
Hydraulic belt straining  
Lenght 4m
Width 43 cm
Speed Podešavanje brzine kretanja trake
Weight 130 kg
Lifting power 4500 N
Width x Height x Lenght 129 x 95 x 153 cm
Weight 125 kg
RCA 320-2 E
Power Unit 11kW
Voltage 400 V/50 Hz
Engine speed 2.910 min-1