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At Tajfun we constructed a new hydraulically controlled winch EGV 65AHK ZS with the possibility of mounting at the rear and at the front of the tractor, which makes your tractor more versatile. When mounting your Tajfun winch at the front, you can still mount another accessory of your choice - like log trailor for example - at the rear.

The general dimensions of the winch are the same as with the existing Tajfun winch EGV 65AHK.

Winch EGV 65AHK ZS has a robust gear box with cogwheels in oil bath. Two PTO shafts enable the mounting at the front and at the rear of the tractor.
In the front position the winch is connected to the tractor with the upper PTO shaft with standard revolutions 1000min-1, the PTO shafts rotates to the right.
In the rear position the winch is coupled with the tractor with the lower PTO shaft with 540 rpm and left side rotation.
The drive chain on the second stage has additional tightener to tighten the chain and enable smooth and silent winch operation.
Tehnical data EGV 65 AHK ZS
Pulling Power 65 kN ( 6,5t )
Brake Power 81 kN
Gear Ratio(rear position) 1:10,80 (540 min-1)
Gear Ratio (front position) 1:18,60 (-1000 min-1)
Rope Velocity ( at standard No of rev. of PTO shaft ) 0,5 - 0,99 m/s
Max. Drum Capacity ø 14/78m; ø 13/89m; ø 12/118m
Necessary Capacity of Tractor 40 - 70 kW (54- 94 HP)
Width 1660 mm
Length 670 mm
Height without Wireguard 1660 mm
Overall Height 2300 mm
Weight 540 kg
Mounting II, III
Bottom Pulley s
Coupling s
Differential Brake Band s
Radio Remote Control o
Powered Upper Pulley o