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DVV 2x90

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• Facilitates work and increases rope lifespan
• Button push, instead of manual tiresome rope pulling
• Good pull rope grip – reliable operation, independent of external influences
• Help with rope extraction from the drum – ensures steady wire rope winding or unwinding when wire rope is not under load
• Minimal maintenance
• SERIAL with SG type, EGV 60 PRO and EGV 60 PRO N
• OPTIONAL with AHK type hydraulic winches and DVV 2x90
Tehnical data DVV 2 X 90 AHK
Rope Velocity ( at standard No of rev. of PTO shaft ) 2x90 kN (2x9 t)
Max. Drum Capacity 16/70 m x 2, 15/77 m x 2, 16/70 m x 2
Necessary Capacity of Tractor >91 kW (>123.5 KS)
Width 916 mm
Length 594 mm
Height without Wireguard 792 mm
Overall Height 2300 mm
Weight 610 kg
Max. Oil pressure pmax 150 bar
Hy. Oil Quantity 15 l
Gearbox Oil Quantitiy 10 l