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• Has proven itself as an impressive professional forest machine
• Heavy and tough for high strength and longer life
• Delivers maximum logging performance
• Incredibly operator friendly machine
• Available with the radio remote control
• Working pressure 160 bar
• Self- sufficient hydraulic system
Tehnical data EGV 2x55 AHK
Pulling Power 2 x 55kN (2 x 5,5t)
Brake Power 69 kN
Gear Ratio 1:9,06
Rope Velocity ( at standard No of rev. of PTO shaft ) 0,53-1,04 m/s
Max. Drum Capacity 13/56 m x 2, 12/61 m x 2, 11/78 m x 2
Necessary Capacity of Tractor 50-80 kW ( 67-107 HP)
Width 1980 mm
Length 650 mm
Height without Wireguard 1630 mm
Overall Height 2300 mm
Weight 690 kg
Mounting II,(III)
Bottom Pulley s
Coupling x
Differential Brake Band s
Radio Remote Control o
Powered Upper Pulley o