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The RCA 400 joy firewood processor enables cutting logs with a diameter of up to 40 cm and the splitting of sawn logs to a length of between 25 to 50 cm.
• All basic function buttons of the machine (left and right loading, cutting, splitting, splitting wedge height and position adjustment, etc.) are located on one single control stick;
• Electrohydraulic steering using the control stick, which is conveniently located on the front side of the machine;
• Lattice for sawdust is located between the splitting wedge and the conveyor;
• Two swinging laps remain in the horizontal position during cutting; once the log is cut, the laps open and the log falls into the splitting chute;
• The cutting chain stop once cutting is complete (with the help of a clutch);
• Oil cooler is standard - ensuring reliable operation of the machine at higher temperatures;
Hydraulic lift of the splitting wedge;

• Hydraulic log holder;
• Log loader: Remote control - optional;
• Adjustable conveyor speed button - on the operator`s side;
• Log lifting control - on the operator`s side;



Tachnical data RCA 400 Joy
Length of Cut Log 25-50 cm
Max. Diameter of Log 10-40 cm
Sawbar Oregon 17", b=1,5mm
Chain 3/8” Oregon MULTICUT
Splitting Force 150 kN - two splitting speeds
Width x Height x Length (working position) 129 x 610 x 315 (at 45° incline of the conveyor)
Width x Height x Length (transport position) 129 x 235 (*232) x 248 (*221) cm * for container transport
Weight with Discharge Conveyor 950 kg + 130 kg
Necessary Tractor Capacity 30 kW (60 kW - transport)
Inbound P.T.O. Shaft Speed 400 - 430 min-1
two stage telescope with automatic hydraulic belt straining  
Length 4 m
Width 43 cm
Speed Continuous Speed Control of the Conveyor Belt 0-0,6 m/s
Weight 130 kg
Lifting power 4500 N
Width x Height x Lenght 184 x 130 x 90 cm
Weight 160 kg